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Trimble 4D Control monitoring solution

A complete Trimble 4D Control monitoring solution consists of the following components:


Note - This documentation does not deal with the Trimble 4D Control Web software component. For more information on Trimble 4D Control Web, refer to its respective documentation.

The Trimble 4D Control Server monitoring solution

The Trimble 4D Control Server monitoring solution is a stand-alone, server-based processing software designed for engineering applications in the field of deformation monitoring.

  1. It steers Trimble and third-party total stations for scheduled measurements, reads-in real-time or stored measurement data and allows you to accurately determine movement over time.
  2. When fully licensed, Trimble 4D Control Server is also a suite of modules allowing you to monitor GNSS receivers with respect to data communication, data quality, absolute position and temporal variations of station positions. Besides the storage of raw GNSS data in various formats (among other, Trimble DAT and T01, RINEX versions 2 and 3), it includes a raw data analysis tool, which checks for outliers and cycle slips and possibly removes them from the data stream.
  3. In a combination of both approaches, Trimble 4D Control Server allows the integrated processing of networks combining terrestrial points and GNSS reference stations.
  4. When target movement is detected, in case of missing data or of position changes exceeding a user defined threshold, the Trimble 4D Control Server software generates alarms and warnings so the information can be acted on quickly.
  5. Trimble 4D Control Server software can be configured to accept data from a variety of geotechnical sensors.

Trimble 4D Control Server increases productivity in monitoring applications by performing the analysis of data for you. The visual tools in the software reduce rework and help catch movements faster. It also makes you more competitive by producing professional and customizable reports as the final deliverable to clients.

Along with others, Trimble 4D Control Server is designed to be used with the high-end Trimble S Series total stations (in combination with Trimble 25 mm monitoring prisms), which also store measurements in the Trimble proprietary JobXML file format using the Trimble Access or Trimble Survey Controller field software. In real-time mode, the Trimble S Series Total Station uses the Finelock™ and / or the Long Range FineLock™ mode, if the instrument supports the latter operation mode. Trimble, therefore, recommends using Trimble 4D Control Server for measuring targets with distances of greater than 20 m.

Trimble 4D Control Server features the following:

Deformation monitoring is performed by several different processing modules:

This documentation

Even if you have used other Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) products before, Trimble recommends that you spend some time reading this documentation to learn about the special features of this product.

If you are not familiar with GNSS, visit Trimble’s website ( for an interactive look at Trimble and GNSS.

This documentation cannot replace the pre-system-integration work. Trimble recommends that system integration is performed by Trimble Advanced Positioning support staff. System integration includes verification and analysis of the communication links, orbit polling, and Trimble 4D Control Server configuration as well as an additional administrator training for this Trimble 4D Control Server software package.

Note - The software described herein belongs to a family of modular Trimble software features supported by Trimble 4D Control Server. This documentation may contain the description of features, which may not be subject of your Trimble 4D Control Server installation.

This publication assumes that you know how to use the Microsoft® Windows® operating system.

Getting Started

Trimble 4D Control Suite - System overview

Main tasks, workflow

Trimble 4D Control Server software concept - A preface